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Living and Working in France

One common characteristic among folks who study French is a want to work in France live and maybe. Exactly what is it that makes it so hard to live in France?

To begin with, such as other states, France is worried about too much immigration. Lots of folks come to France from poorer nations to seek work – either legally or illegally. In addition, France is concerned about the effect of immigrants on social services – there is just so much cash to go around, and the federal government wants citizens to receive it. Finally, France is notorious for its extensive red tape, which could make everything from purchasing an automobile to renting an apartment an administrative nightmare.

So with these issues in mind, let us have a look at how somebody can get permission to work and reside in France.

Seeing France

It is easy for citizens of all states* to see France – upon entrance, they are given a tourist visa that enables them to remain in France for up to 3 months, but not to work or to receive any societal advantages. They may manage to do so for some time, but it is not actually authorized.

*Depending on your own home country, you might want a French visa even for a brief visit.

Among other things, a visa de long sejour demands a monetary guarantee (to establish that the applicant won’t become a drain on the state), health insurance, and police clearance.

Working in France

Foreigners outside the European Union must do the following, in this order
Find a job
Get a work permit
Go to France
For any person who’s not from an EU nation, finding a job in France is exceptionally challenging, for the easy reason that if a citizen is capable France has quite a high unemployment rate and cannot give a job to a foreigner. In order for, say, an American to acquire a position in France, s/he basically has to establish that s/he is more capable than anyone in the EU. And So, the folks with the most effective chances of working in France have a tendency to be those in highly specialized fields, since there might not be enough capable Europeans to fill these kinds of positions.

Work permit – Getting permission to function can be challenging. Theoretically, if you’re employed by a French company, the business will do the paperwork for the work permit. In fact, it really is a Catch22. Therefore, there are actually just two ways to acquire a work permit: (a) Establish that you’re more capable than anyone in Europe, or (b) Get employed by a global business that has divisions in France and get transferred around, because their sponsorship will enable them to get the license for you. Notice that they’ll still must show that a person couldn’t do the job which you are getting imported to do.

Apart from the preceding course, there are essentially two methods of getting permission to work and reside in France.

1. Student visa – If you’re accepted to a school in France and fulfill the financial conditions (a monthly financial guarantee of about $600), your preferred school can enable you to get a student visa. Along with giving permission to you to live in France for the length of your studies, student visas let you submit an application for temporary work permits, which grant the right to you to work for a small amount of hours each week. One common occupation for pupils is an au pair position.

2. Wed a French citizen – To some degree, union will ease your efforts to get French citizenship, but you’ll still have to apply for a carte de sejour and deal with ample paperwork. In other words, union won’t automatically make you a French citizen.

As a final resort, it’s possible to locate work that pays under the table; nevertheless, this is more challenging than it might appear and is, of course, prohibited.

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